All right, I’m slowly moving forward! I got my OptimizePress purchase issue resolved and set up my blog with a cool theme and some graphics (which I got on Day1). Not sure what my problem was, but I used my PC and the OptimizePress purchase went through with no problems…whatever, it got done!

On Day 3 John Thornhill had a guest Randy Smith, and they discussed essential blogging tips. A summary is:

  • Blogging is critical to your internet marketing business
  • A Blog builds Authority
  • A Blog interacts with your followers
  • You should be yourself
  • Update your blog (WordPress version, plugins, themes, etc.)
  • Remove spam comments

They discussed several ideas for generating content:

  • A List or Tips type post (10 Best Marketing Tips)
  • Review a product or service
  • “How to” post (How to increase Twitter followers)
  • Fear post (Avoiding the Google Slap)
  • Personal Post about yourself
  • Mistake Post (Don’t alienate your email list)
  • Describe a News Event
  • Rant about something
  • Discuss a Controversy

Wow! Lots of great ideas. John and Randy also discussed the importance of having a Call to Action. This is not necessarily a direct appeal to buy a product. The different Calls of Action they discussed were:

  • Asking for a “Like”
  • Asking people to “Share”
  • Asking for a “Comment”
  • Asking to “Click a Link”

Since the Partner to Success Program has many former and current members, I was encouraged to visit other members blogs, leave comments, share their posts, and even get members to post on my blog as a guest.

Lots of great information today. We’ll see what Day 4 brings!

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