10 Internet Business Mindset Hacks – # and #7 are shocking

Many people desire to run their own successful business. With the internet many traditional barriers to starting a business are removed or minimized. However, the appeal of easy start-up and easy money has generated a large number of people trying and failing at internet marketing. I know, because I was one of those people!

Depending on the statistics you see, around 95% to 98% of all internet marketing businesses fail. Of course, that does mean 2% to 5% are succeeding in some way. What sets these successful internet business people apart? One thing is their mindset.

I did some digging and research around the net and found they have a common mindset. I compiled and summarized my findings in the following list:

10 Internet Business Mindset Hacks

1. Willing to Work Hard

If you ask almost anyone, they say they don’t mind working hard. However, starting an internet business is very challenging and most people are looking for an easy path – it doesn’t exist. Successful internet business people will tell you that they work hard while most people who fail hardly work. Hard work means working until success is obtained and even beyond. Many entrepreneurs have stories of taking a few years before achieving a good level of success. Are you willing to work hard until you achieve success?

2. Not Afraid to Fail

When many people encounter failure, they give up. They assume they are not good enough, not lucky enough, etc. Successful internet business owners all have tales of failure. Failure is how they learned what works! In short, failure is to be expected and is a good thing.

3. Eager to Learn

An internet business requires specialized skills in many areas – marketing, web design, SEO, product creation, customer support, etc. No one is an expert in all of these areas. Successful internet business people take time to learn what they need to make their business function and achieve success. Learning takes time and most people who fail, don’t have the patience to learn what they need to be successful. How about you?


4. Delegate Tasks

Time is our most precious commodity because everyone has the same amount. Successful entrepreneurs understand the need to delegate some tasks, usually the ones they are weakest in, to others who are more talented and can take the time to complete the task properly. Finding good people to delegate to is challenging and takes time to find a quality person. In addition, delegating requires financial resources…a good worker is worth the money, however. By delegating you are free to work on other parts of your business.

5. Plan Ahead

This sounds like common sense, but many people who fail in internet business, fail to plan. They jump in without understanding all the pieces needed and then get stuck and their business never gets going. Successful internet business owners understand what needs to be accomplished and when it needs to be accomplished, and they have a systematic approach so they know where their business is and where it is going.

6. Laser Focused

Successful internet business people understand many tasks need to be accomplished to build a successful business. They have the mindset that allows them to focus on what needs to be done until they have assembled all the pieces and the business is running. Many people look for the “Next-Big-Thing” hoping for easy riches. They jump from one system or program to the next almost daily and are never focused on one system. Consequently, they never build a business, but they do a good job of emptying their bank account.

7. Overcome Obstacles

Every business has obstacles to success. Successful entrepreneurs overcome obstacles instead of giving up. They know each day will bring unique challenges, and they persevere until they overcome the obstacles to their success.




8. Accomplish Daily Tasks

Successful internet business people have a daily task list which they work on. The entire list may not get completed, but they work on their business every day. Those whose business fails, do not work consistently, but they expect great results. By setting daily tasks, successful business owners accomplish far more and eventually achieve success.

9. Look to Future Success

Successful entrepreneurs have a vision of success which keeps them motivated in their journey. They truly believe in their success and look forward to the day it arrives. In many cases, they do not know when, but they know it will. Do you have this mindset?

10. Never Give Up

Many people say they are not “quitters” until they encounter a difficult task. Starting an internet business is a difficult task. Many people who fail blame everything, except themselves. They make excuses and quit. Successful internet business people never give up. They work hard until they achieve their goal of a successful business that provides them financial and time freedom.



Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Any other Mindset Hacks you would add to this list?


    1 Response to "10 Internet Business Mindset Hacks – #2 and #7 are shocking"

    • Peter Kavanagh

      Great list John,
      Another one might be “getting Buy buttons” published. So many (including me for the longest time) just consume content but don’t take full action. I remember talking to a very successful marketer once and he asked me how many buy buttons I actually had up on my sites. The answer was an embarrassing zero…
      The point is at some point we have to stop just taking courses and actually start implementing!

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